We base our consulting approach on the concept that a sales acceleration solution should consider how the new design fits with the current requirements, situation and environment. We believe an understanding of the way your specific organization operates is essential to providing the right business solution, and an understanding of the external influences on your industry is also necessary to develop solutions that can meet future needs as your business changes over time.

Our approach is comprehensive and is designed for both large scale implementation projects and more focused efforts such as strategic planning. We do this by providing:

A Roadmap from Strategy to Operation

Our approach enables us to successfully deliver a comprehensive engagement, from assessing the opportunity to project completion and knowledge sharing.


We can provide integrated service offerings (Strategy, Business Architecture, Solution Delivery), which can be tailored in depth and scope for your specific needs.

Integrated Solutions

We provide professional Project Management & Change Enablement services to deliver your sales acceleration solution on time and on budget, and we can tailor specific adoption management strategies to ensure your salespeople use the new tools to their fullest potential.

The result

We combine the industry experience and technology expertise needed to understand and anticipate sales acceleration implementation challenges and translate them into actionable solutions, bringing together decades of experience and industry best practices, tools, techniques, and methodology in a results-driven holistic approach focused on only one thing: Sustainable revenue uplift through better productivity, effectiveness, and visibility.

Addressing Your Specific Needs

These are just some of the challenges we have helped customers address:

Chief Revenue Officer

  • Grow share holder value
  • Drive greater long term forecast accuracy
  • Establish predictable revenue streams
  • Reduce cost of sales; increase ASP
  • Manage revenue risks

Inside Sales Manager

  • Increase productivity and work more effectively
  • Drive increase call and contact rates
  • Prioritize calling lists and prospect to drive efficiency
  • Drive immediate response to prospects
  • Improve quality and quantity of “live” conversations
  • Motivate and engage BDRs/ISRs
  • Gain complete visibility into pipeline for accurate forecasting

Sales Operations

  • Increase CRM adoption
  • Increase productivity and reduce inefficiencies
  • Drive greater visibility throughout the sales organization
  • Enable sales with actionable analytics
  • Accelerate revenue in a predictable and consistent way

Inside Sales Representative

  • Increase productivity and work more effectively
  • Increase call and contact rates
  • Respond immediately to prospects
  • Improve quality and quantity of “live” conversations
  • Gain visibility to email and web interactions
  • Focus on high probability opportunities

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